To detect prying eyes in the sky, Dedrone raises $15 million

For better or worse, drones are about to become a lot more prevalent in US airspace. The FAA expects sales of drones to spike domestically from 2.5 million last year to 7 million by 2020. Now, a startup that detects drones and helps prevent unwanted aerial intrusions, Dedrone, has closed a $15 million Series B round of venture funding.

Investors in San Francisco-based Dedrone included Cisco Executive Chairman John Chambers, and Felicis Ventures, which led the round. The founder and Managing Director of Felicis Ventures, Aydin Senkut, said the deal represents the largest check his firm has cut in a single round to-date.

Dedrone works with physical security companies to set up sensors, cameras and RF scanners on the ground and on rooftops at a given venue. Its technology has been used to monitor data centers, sports stadiums and the homes of high net-worth individuals and political figures. Its drone security product has only been available on the market for one year, but the company recently surpassed 200 installations, according to CEO Jorg Lamprecht.

Dedrone can set up around cities where major events are scheduled, so the company often works with federal and city governments to monitor airspace. It was used to detect drones, for example, over Davos, and two presidential debates.

According to Lamprecht, Dedrone will use its funding, primarily, to bring its existing technology to more businesses and government offices, with a special focus on companies operating data centers. Additionally, he said the startup will continue research and development in drone security.

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